Steve Kern for Oklahoma Senate – Issues

Exodus 18:21 “Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders”

As your State Senator, I will exercise sound judgment based on time-tested Constitutional and Biblical principles. I am the candidate who has the experience and maturity to withstand special interest groups and the integrity to remain true to conservative principles.”

Sanctity of Life

I am 100% pro-life; abortion is taking the life of an innocent human being. I believe life begins at conception and it is the duty of our government to protect this life; therefore, I will vote for legislation that would continue to lead OK in the direction of stopping abortion.

Second Amendment

Every law-abiding, American citizen has the right to protect their life, their families’ life, and their property, whether at home, on the street, or in a business, church, school, or any other place of vulnerability. I do not support any proposed gun control laws which would limit the rights of gun ownership by responsible, law-abiding citizens and increase crime; criminals need to know that the “good citizens” have guns.

Tenth Amendment

States are best positioned to deal with state issues, a fact the founding fathers had in mind when they included the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights.  Over the years, states’ right has been evaded by a growing Federal government taking control over numerous State responsibilities: healthcare, education, environmental restrictions on business etc. Oklahoma must bush back against the Federal government.

Smaller Government and Lower Taxes

By shrinking the size of Oklahoma’s government through consolidating agencies, getting rid of duplicated services, and cutting government spending, then there is room to continue to lower taxes. Oklahoma needs to cut back on programs that are not a core function of government, pay as we go rather than keep borrowing through bond indebtedness, and get rid of our income tax, it is time to ease the burden on Oklahoma taxpayers.


Oklahoma needs to have a pro-business mindset that attracts employers seeking a better place to start or expand their businesses through free-market principles: lower taxes, a reasonable and predictable regulatory structure, fair court system, and a level playing field for anyone willing to take a risk set business free to make profits and provide more jobs.


Oklahoma needs to be a leading State for the US to become energy independent through our abundant oil, coal, and natural gas. I will vote to cut taxes, lift regulations, and remove the EPA’s grip on companies developing sources of energy; however, Oklahoma should not be in the business of subsidizing certain new energies like solar and wind. I will not vote to take taxpayer money to subsidize them. Any energy source that meets the needs of the consumer should not need the government to subsidize it, which distorts the marketplace and takes away the incentive for business’ to innovate in the areas of energy independence.


Conservatives must start taking an active leadership role in the education; it is a serious battle for the future of our state and our country. More money, more bureaucracy, and more government intervention are eroding this nation’s educational standards in spite of the false narrative. Historically, we had a far better education system when it was under the direction of parents and local school boards. I recognize the great potential of local schools and parents who are allowed the freedom to manage their own children’s educational needs, according to the community they live in, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all federal government approach. The time is now to empower parents to take control of their child’s education, and I will vote for legislation that will open doors, through free-market principles, for parents to have the funding capabilities and quality choices to choose an education model that best fit their child’s individual needs!